Perfect Harmony is a program to ensure hospice care survey compliance for several facility types.

The Facility / Hospice Partnership

  • Regularly scheduled meeting with Bristol Hospice and Facility to coordinate care plans
  • Mutual respect dominates
  • Care Providers routinely share knowledge
  • Hospice Care Team and Clinical Care Teams notes reviewed
  • We provide the coordinated care plan
  • Review of Clinical Record
  • Special review during survey window

Hospice Facility Collaboration Includes:

  • Interdisciplinary Team and Plan of Care Updates
  • Patient Centered Care Conferences with our teams
  • Emergency Preparedness Collaboration and plans
  • Meeting your regulatory requirements through education and inservices

The Perfect Harmony program is an innovative & non-pharmacological approach supported by research, which shows these types of therapy methods to be more beneficial than traditional methods of medication interventions. Please read a research study here, reviewing over 19,000 studies.

Perfect Harmony is a program developed to ensure that the Medicare conditions of participation are met by both Hospice and Skilled Nursing facility and survey ready at all times.

Medicare guidelines state: A Hospice plan of care. In accordance with § 418.56, a written hospice plan of care must be established and maintained in consultation with SNF/NF or ICF/IID representatives. All hospice care provided must be in accordance with this hospice plan of care. (1) The hospice plan of care must identify the care and services that are needed and specifically identify which provider is responsible for performing the respective functions that have been agreed upon and included in the hospice plan of care. (2) The hospice plan of care reflects the participation of the hospice, the SNF/NF or ICF/IID, and the patient and family to the extent possible. (3) Any changes in the hospice plan of care must be discussed with the patient or representative, and SNF/NF or ICF/IID representatives, and must be approved by the hospice before implementation.

To this end Perfect Harmony provides a regularly scheduled meeting to review and ensure that all of these conditions are met.

The hospice must: (1) Designate a member of each interdisciplinary group that is responsible for a patient who is a resident of a SNF/NF or ICF/IID. The designated interdisciplinary group member is responsible for: (i) Providing overall coordination of the hospice care of the SNF/ NF or ICF/ MR resident with SNF/NF or ICF/ IID representatives; and (ii) Communicating with SNF/NF or ICF/IID representatives and other health care providers participating in the provision of care for the terminal illness and related conditions and other conditions to ensure quality of care for the patient and family. (2) Ensure that the hospice IDG communicates with the SNF/NF or ICF/ IID medical director, the patient’s attending physician, and other physicians participating in the provision of care to the patient as needed to coordinate the hospice care of the hospice patient with the medical care provided by other physicians. (3) Provide the SNF/NF or ICF/IID with the following information: (i) The most recent hospice plan of care specific to each patient; (ii) Hospice election form and any advance directives specific to each patient; (iii) Physician certification and recertification of the terminal illness specific to each patient; (iv) Names and contact information for hospice personnel involved in hospice care of each patient; (v) Instructions on how to access the hospice’s 24-hour on-call system; (vi) Hospice medication information specific to each patient; and (vii) Hospice physician and attending physician (if any) orders specific to each patient.

Perfect Harmony process ensures that the following items are reviewed and in the patient chart as set forth by Medicare.

Medicare requires the Orientation and training of staff. Hospice staff must assure orientation of SNF/NF or ICF/IID staff furnishing care to hospice patients in the hospice philosophy, including hospice policies and procedures regarding methods of comfort, pain control, symptom management, as well as principles about death and dying, individual responses to death, patient rights, appropriate forms, and record keeping requirements.

Resident eligibility, election, and duration of benefits. Medicare patients receiving hospice services and residing in a SNF, NF, or ICF/IID are subject to the Medicare hospice eligibility criteria set out.

Perfect Harmony employees are trained educators and can work with Directors of Nursing and Staff development to ensure appropriate training to meet these requirements. Contact us today to find out how Bristol Hospice can partner with your facility in this “Perfect Harmony” approach.